McIntosh Finance is not your ordinary financial partner. We don’t just assist, we build bonds with our clients and continue to treasure that connection to consistently aid them with the assistance they need. Over the years, more and more people have experienced relief with our services, and now, it’s time you become one of them too!


McIntosh Finance was founded in 1990. Our purpose is to make consumer loans to help people with their everyday lives. Since our founding, we have added professional tax preparation services.

Ever been to a situation where you have all things planned out but it’s still not possible to make them happen because your finances are holding you off? Luckily, loans have been developed for longer than we think. It has been helping millions of people to achieve their dreams and plans. And that’s what we do! We are McIntosh Finance. A finance industry like no other.

We are founded in 1990 and since then, we have been following our mission to make consumer loans that will help people in achieving their dreams and with their everyday lives. McIntosh Finance has come a long way and from then on we have added new services that can cater to your financial needs.

Not sure which services are right for you? Contact us and we will guide you through the one that fits your needs and ideals


Here at McIntosh Finance, we continue to strive to cater to your needs. Below are the services we offer that can surely help you with your daily lives and make living breezier. 

Loan Services

Looking for loan services that can give you a hand with your financial needs?
We have just the right loan services just for you. Feel free to
contact us and together, let us find a solution.

Tax Return Assistance​

Preparing tax returns all by yourself is quite difficult. But having a trusted partner that can assist you throughout the preparation makes the process a lot smoother and faster. Don’t let the heat of tax return take over you for McIntosh Finance is here to help.

Providing High Quality Vehicles​

Nowadays, not having a car of your own limits your freedom to explore and travel. Even when it comes to your daily trip to work, owning a vehicle makes it far more convenient than commuting. That is what we are here for. Contact us and experience limitless travels with our vehicle services.

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